What sets us apart?

"Our Puppies are THE Priority" 

  • All puppies are raised in the guest room of our home with the greatest of care. NEVER in cages, outside kennels, barns, etc. The puppies are raised in a very clean environment to assist with potty-training.
  • Our goal is to stay smaller and only have one or two litters at a time. This way each puppy receives tons of individual love and attention!
  • We work very closely with our veterinarian, Dr. Sims at Cropwell Small Animal Hospital, to make sure your puppies are in great health. If any problems arise, they are immediately taken to Dr. Sims. All puppies are thoroughly checked by the vet at 6 weeks old for any issues, as well as receive their first round of puppy shots.
  • Each puppy comes with a detailed report of de-wormings, shot records, and vet visit.
  • Nutrition for your puppy is one of our highest priorities! We ONLY feed Life's Abundance! Find out more about this 5-Star dog food by clicking here: Life's Abundance
  • All puppies come Doggie-door trained and started on potty-training. From 4 to 8 weeks old, puppies are taken outside to pee and poop right when they wake up, after every nap, and after every meal. We have had great success with this process!
  • Puppies will have been bathed at least twice before they go home. They will have had their nails trimmed several times as well. Pleasant, early experiences with grooming makes it much easier when they are older and larger.
  • Puppies are exposed to many different sounds and environments to create more confident personalities. For example, they will hear and feel (on low) a high-velocity blow dryer, commonly used by professional groomers.
  • Our puppies have great potential to become therapy dogs, and we offer training classes to help foster this potential. Visit Puppy Training Programs for more details!
  • We are service-based breeders; our adults and puppies are taken to volunteer at the veterans home, local preschool, and schools for the intellectually disabled. 
  • We test our adults for the most common genetic diseases found in their breeds. By making sure we are only breeding the healthiest adults, we know we are producing the healthiest puppies. Many breeders skip out on genetic testing their adults because of the high cost, but testing is a priority of ours.
  • If any circumstances come up where the owner of one of our puppies/ dogs can not keep him or her, we will always be willing to take the puppy back. We never want to see one of our puppies end up in a rescue or shelter and will always assist in re-homing. 

Feel free to ask us any questions!