Crate Training Foundations (5-8 Weeks Old)- $300


Purpose: Develop the crate into a positive, safe environment.

Process: Puppy will be placed in the crate for naps and bedtime. Puppy will be fed in crate and rewarded with treats for entering crate and exiting on command.


Snuggle Puppy & 30” Crate Included!



Therapy Dog Foundations (5-12 Weeks Old)- $1850

Purpose: Socialization, Confidence, and Obedience



  • Learn his or her name.

  • "Sit, Down, and Stay".

  • “Come” when called within 5 feet.

  • "Leave it" referring to food, a treat, or toy.

  • Walk loose-leash.

  • Focus on the person walking him or her.

  • Crate Training Foundations is included.

Socialization and Behavior

  • Visit several parks and stores to interact with other people.

  • Learn social hierarchies, body language, and correct behavior from our dog pack.

  • Several car rides to create a positive experience.

  • No biting or nipping on hands will be allowed.

  • No jumping on people will be allowed.

  • Desensitization to loud noises.

  • Exposure to grooming tools.

  • Allow a veterinarian to perform a brief exam without excessive resisting.


  • Receive second round of puppy vaccinations and vet exam at 10 weeks old.

  • Complimentary "Mini-Groom" to owner's specifications.

  • Leash, Collar, Crate, and Snuggle Puppy included.


*Payment for training must be received in full before the puppy turns 5 weeks old.