*This page is under construction and will be updated weekly with more tips!

Every dog is different, but the tips below are what I have found in the majority of dogs I have seen.


My dog chews my shoes, clothes, furniture, etc. What can I do?

  • Dogs chew for various reasons, but most often it is because they are bored. They also chew because it is very stress-relieving to them. I would recommend first putting up shoes in a closet, putting clothes in a hamper, etc. making it more difficult for the dog to get to the item you do not want chewed. When a dog chews furniture/ walls he or she is most likely bored, and I recommend daily walks. Occasional trips to dog parks or hiking trails also fight boredom in dogs. Lastly, provide dogs with an alternative item to chew. When you catch the dog chewing on a shoe, for example, take the shoe away and provide a bone or toy. Do not punish the dog as chewing is a natural instinct. It is the responsibility of the human to provide items that are acceptable to chew on!  

My dogs pulls me on walks! What can I do?

  • I personally have tried regular collars, slip-leads, harnesses, and pinch collars. My favorite by far with the most optimal results have been using a headcollar. If the dog tries to pull you, their head is pulled back towards you and they lose their focus on what they were pulling you towards. The Medium size fits my adult standard poodles! For more information see the video below!