How It Works


1. Fill out and submit the form below. If your application is accepted, a $200 ($212 after tax) non-refundable deposit will be invoiced.


2. Remaining deposit of $300 ($318 after tax) is due once pregnancy is confirmed.


3. At 5 weeks old, families are invited over to our home to choose their puppy or may select via email. Puppies are picked up at 8 weeks old!

Hi There!

The form below helps us learn a little about you, so we know more about the home our puppy would be going to! Through your answers and our communication, we hope to find the best-suited puppy for your home! 

Name *
If no current or past vet, please list the vet you plan on using.
Do you understand the grooming commitments of a puppy/dog? *
Poodles need to be regularly groomed every 6 weeks. Goldendoodles/ Labradoodles need to be regularly groomed every 6-8 weeks. Both need to be brushed a couple times in a week. Depending on location, this can be up to $100 every 8 weeks.
Preferred Gender *
High, medium, or low amount of energy? Independent or dependent?
Are you concerned about shedding or allergies? *
Are you interested in any training for your puppy?
For more details on puppy training options:
Do you understand that if for any reason you are unable to keep one of our dogs that he or she must be returned to us? *
Do you understand that this puppy is not to be bred (unless stated in the sales contract), and you are subject to a fine of at least $50,000 if bred? *