Multigen Standard Goldendoodle

Parents: Rosie x Rhett

Born: August 24th, 2019

Size: 50-55 lbs

Colors: Red Abstract

Fun Fact: Leia is currently enrolled in our Therapy Dog/Puppy BootCamp Program! She will graduate Nov 23rd and be 3 months old!

Standard Sized - $3600 (training and sales tax included)

Mini Labradoodles

Parents: Pitot & Annie

Due Date: October 14th, 2019

Size: 20-30 lbs

Colors: Chocolate, Chocolate Merle

Fun Fact: This will be Annie’s retirement litter! She is known for her affectionate, cuddly puppies :) Two chocolate merle boys available!

Mini Sized- Merles $3200*

Small Mini Goldendoodles

Parents: Indy x Blaze

Expected Due Date: November 10th, 2019

Size: 18-22 lbs

Colors: Cream to Red

Fun Fact: Indy got her name because she came from Indianapolis, Indiana!

Small Mini Sized (15-25 lbs)- $3200*


Standard Labradoodles

Parents: Bessie x Ozzy

Expected Due Date: Mid-January 2020

Size: 40-50 lbs

Colors: Blue Merle, Black, Chocolate Merle, Chocolate

Fun Fact: Half of the pups should be parti (like Bessie), and the other half should be abstract (white feet, chest, some on the head). In other words, stunning!

Standard Sized (40-50 lbs)- $2500/ Merles-$3000


Mini Goldendoodles

Parents: Gemma x Teddy (the mini)

Expected Due Date: February 2020

Size: 20-28 lbs

Colors: Apricot to Red

Fun Fact: Teddy the mini dood lives in Miami, FL! One spot remaining!

Multigen Mini Sized (20-28 lbs)- $3500*

Mini Goldendoodles

Parents: Muffy x Blaze

Born: February 2019!

Size: 20-30 lbs

Colors: Cream to Red

Fun Fact: This will be Muffy and Blaze’s Third Litter together!

Mini Sized (20-30 lbs)- $2500*


Mini Goldendoodles

Parents: Renegade x Pepper

Expected Due Date: April 2020

Size: 25-30 lbs

Colors: 12.5% Blue Merle, 12.5% Chocolate Merle, 12.5% Chocolate, 12.5% Black, 50% Cream to Red

Fun Fact: Both parents carry for white markings, so we are expecting 25% solid, 50% flashy white markings, and 25% parti.

Multigen Mini Sized (25-30 lbs)- $2800/ Merles-$3200

Petite Goldendoodles

Parents: Ember x Blaze

Expected Due Date: April 2019

Size: 10-15 lbs

Colors: Apricot to Red

Fun Fact: We only expect about 6 of these pups a year!

Petite Sized (10-15 lbs)- $3800*

Mini and Petite Bernedoodles

Due Dates: Fall 2020 pending Health Testing

Price: $4,000+


* Price includes puppy, vet check at 6 weeks old, micro-chip implanted, up to date on vaccinations, up to date on de-wormings, Limited CKC registration papers, blanket that smells like mom, SCP T-shirt, and relaxing lavender puppy candle.