Herschel and the Decks


Our experience with Steel City Puppies was simply incredible – from their professionalism and responsiveness as a business to their overall quality of care and responsibility as breeders. My husband and I had been looking for a pup for more than a year and we never came across a family like this. I say family because that’s what they truly are. The care and attention they give to their dogs is unmatched.

As a business, Steel City Puppies was a dream to work with. I received a call back after my first email in less than an hour. Malachi was more than happy to speak about the puppies, their process, and in turn he also asked me several questions. He and Amanda really care about the people adopting their cuddle bugs, and that told me so much about the level of integrity at which their business operates. They welcomed us into their home and let us see not only the pup we wanted to adopt, but also their family – mom, dad, brothers, where they sleep, the toys they like, the food, etc. They even had a complimentary care package ready with vet referrals, medication literature, even a brand new comb that his poodles prefer. Our communication didn’t stop once we picked up Herschel, either. They always check in and answer any questions or give any advice we request. Malachi has gone above and beyond as resource.

Perhaps the best part about Steel City Puppies is how healthy and wonderful our Herschel is. The vet told us he couldn’t be in better health or have a better temperament. I know this is because of the care and love Malachi and Amanda gave to our boy (and his parents) before and after his birth. They provide a safe, loving, calming environment perfect for a growing pup and his dog family. Training has been a breeze and he is great with every human and animal he meets because of their dedication.

My husband and I are forever grateful to Malachi, Amanda, Teddy and Sadie!! Herschel has brought so much joy and fun into our home. Our love for him grows every day. It was an honor to adopt him from your lovely family and exemplary business.