Francie and Jordan


I found the SCP website about 4 years ago. I was looking at breeders even though I was no where near ready to bring a doodle into my life. I absolutely fell in love with SCP. The puppies, the parents, the pictures and videos. I loved it all. I patiently waited and watched litter after litter go to their new homes until I was FINALLY able to email Malachi and get on the list for one of my own. Dealing with Malachi was great and he kept me posted every step of the way. I even have an ultrasound picture! He was always available by email and answered every question that I had. What really set SCP apart, to me, were the training options that they offered. I knew that I wanted to eventually do therapy work with Francie, so I loved that she could get a head start with socialization and basic commands through their Therapy Dog Foundations program. Waiting that extra month was hard, but SO worth the wait and the money. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have no doubt that Francie will make an amazing therapy dog and will bring joy to many people, but that will never compare to what she has done for me. Francie has changed my life in so many ways and all for the better. I am so much happier, more active and more social than I have ever been. Fair warning, you can’t walk down the street with a Steel City Puppy without being stopped by everyone that passes. To meet her is to love her and she eats up all the attention she can get. She absolutely loves children and is naturally so good with them, especially if they’re okay with getting a few kisses. She has the most amazing temperament. This is a testament to her parents and Malachi’s breeding. I can take her with me anywhere and she behaves so well. She is calm, good natured, and very smart. She picks up on any command that I teach her within minutes. I could go on forever about how amazing Francie is and how much I loved the entire SCP experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a doodle and I hope to someday add another SCP to my family. They are simply the best ️ ❤️